Quarantine Day 27

How is toilet paper still a scarcity? I might have solved that question.

Quarantine Day 9

Preparing for my first outing and it’s to Costco… It’s a warzone out there.

Quarantine Day 7

Man Down! I mean, FISH DOWN! Lost a fish, guys, but it wasn’t because of COVID 19. In this episode, we reminisce about fish and the slow loss of sanity during Quarantine.

Quarantine Day 5

I like pets, but when those pets start to include flies. We might have a problem. Also, Honey badgers are great animals, but don’t start acting like one!

Quarantine Day 3

Social Distancing Fail

Social Distancing is at full swing, Boyfriend has to pack up his lab and bring it home, and Ice Cream trucks are apparently essential personnel and have to be on the streets… for the people!

Quarantine Day 1

Coronavirus - Red Dead Redemption

When the world shuts down because of COVID 19, I feel the particular need to document its passing.